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Halcyon Release #2

140 Individually Numbered 70cl Bottles
48.7 % ABV
Distilled: 1991
Bottled: 2023
£550 (£458 ex-VAT)

Auchentoshan 32 Year Old (1991) taste chart

Single cask (#1896) Auchentoshan 32 Year Old (1991).  Non chill filtered and natural colour, bottled at cask strength (48.7% ABV) with the cask yielding only 140 bottles.

Initially a wave of sweetness with delicate and light meadow florals.  The gentleness of the bouquet is underscored and further enhanced with ripe stoned fruit of peaches and apricots, comforted with a misting of honey.

The gentleness of the nose belies the flavour power of the palate.  The sweetness is intense but tempered by perfectly balanced baking spices – ginger and nutmeg control the sweetness with constraint.  Malt loaf and deep sherried Christmas cake takes everything deeper and for a lowland malt this is astonishingly mature and nuanced.  Toasted oak signals the finish is beginning and the tail off is long, fruity with the return of the peaches and apricots, before lingering on a slight drying herbal note.

Long finish with toasted oak that slides into stoned fruit ripeness with herbal tones that dry elegantly.

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Bottles are sold with a decorative/protective cardboard box.

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Each and every bottle of whisky sold by Halcyon Spirits will fund the planting of 10 trees, to support global action on climate change.
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